Look At This Swine That Was Turned Away From The New Hampshire Primary

Pigs are more than just bacon. Their purpose on a farm is to be the garbage disposal, manure generator and resident troublemaker (depending on what’s going on with that rascally cat and dog duo). While famously dubbed a “filthy animal” by Jules in Pulp Fiction, these animals are also kind and empathetic. They’re like little, dirty dogs. And we would let a dog vote, right? We have dogs playing basketball, so why aren’t we allowing a 600-pound pig that escaped from a local farm and showed up at a New Hampshire polling location vote? Breedism. That’s why. Because people assume pigs would be voting for Donald Trump, according to these tweets.

We should try to keep an open mind about The Pig At The Primary (which sounds like the title of the next George Miller movie). If pigs are hardworking, gentle beasts (that seemingly like to nip at police officers), then would they really be so far right?  The video below shows the playful monster oink and rub against the officers while dutiful citizens head to the polling center.

And in this video here, we see that the pig just wanted to hang out by the doors, and maybe partake in some political discourse. There’s nothing wrong with that!