Even Newsmax Is Turning Its Back On Matt Gaetz, Who They Reportedly Rejected For A Job

Ultra-conservative media outlet Newsmax has rarely met an ally of Donald Trump’s whose a** they didn’t want to kiss. But it seems that even they are willing to draw the line somewhere, and right now they appear to have determined that line is running right in front of beleaguered congressman Matt Gaetz.

According to Reuters, Nestor’s dad—who is currently being investigated for possible sex trafficking and now for obstruction of justice in that investigation—reached out to Newsmax earlier this year about the possibility of working for the outlet… and was promptly rejected.

Reports Reuters:

A source familiar with Newsmax’s policies said: “Earlier this year, [Gaetz] reached out and said he might leave Congress early and was interested in TV work.” The three-term Florida congressman’s approach to Newsmax management was “just a conversation” and Newsmax “never told him we were interested” in hiring him, the source said.

It is, of course, worth noting the timing of Gaetz’s alleged request, which just so happened to have come at just about the same time news was breaking that he could be facing some serious charges. It was also around then that Gaetz reportedly reached out to Fox News about the potential of partnering up, too (also unsuccessfully).

Whereas other politicians would understand that keeping a low profile is the smarter way to go in situations like these, Gaetz—a man dumb enough to be tricked into retweeting a photo honoring Lee Harvey Oswald on Memorial Day—seems to have missed that day in How to Be a Failure 101 and keeps doubling down on his proclaimed innocence and plans for the future. He recently even teased the idea of a 2024 presidential run because, yes, that’s exactly what America needs.

As for Newsmax, spokesperson Brian Peterson has simply said: “Newsmax has had no plans to hire Rep. Gaetz.”

(Via Reuters)