A Newsmax Host Wonders: Did Nancy Pelosi Want Brett Kavanaugh Murdered So Biden Could Replace Him?

Newsmax host Chris Salcedo is hardly a household name. But if he’s looking to go the Tucker Carlson route to media infamy, he’s off to a good start. On Tuesday night, as Mediaite reports, the anchor floated a pretty bonkers theory about Nicholas John Roske, the armed 26-year-old who called the police from outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house and informed them that he was having both suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

Last night, while speaking with Illinois congressman Rodney Davis, Salcedo casually slipped in his theory that some part of Nancy Pelosi might have been cheering Roske on.

“A lot of folks are starting to ask some questions out there, congressman,” Salcedo explained. “They’re openly wondering why Nancy Pelosi sat on a bill that was passed by the Senate to protect Supreme Court justices. Now she’s moving after an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh. Are Americans right to question if Pelosi was actually hoping for, or encouraging, violence that could lead to Joe Biden appointing a new Supreme Court justice?”

After seeming momentarily taken aback, Davis attempted to sidestep the inflammatory part of Salcedo’s question and responded that Pelosi and others “need to answer [questions] as to why she thought somehow Justice Kavanaugh, after having an assassin in his backyard, is somehow safe over the weekend. We could’ve gotten to this bill last week, but she chose to hold it up and she needs to answer as to why.”

The bill, which mandates additional security for Supreme Court justices was passed on Tuesday with a vote of ​​396-27. President Biden is expected to sign the bill as soon as it reaches his desk.

Meanwhile, it has been more than three weeks since a teenage gunman walked into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and killed 21 people, including 19 children. It’s just one of more than 250 mass shootings that have occurred in the U.S. this year alone. And Republicans are still fighting over whether fewer doors, more prayers, or some other bullshit answer is the best way to tackle America’s mass shooting epidemic.

(Via Mediaite)