Nick Cannon Explains The Obvious Reason Why None Of Us Should Have Been Surprised By Bill Cosby

Nick Cannon stopped by to chat with Howard Stern about his new comedy special premiering on Showtime this weekend, and as usual when it comes to Cannon, the topics of conversation revolved mostly around sex, his ex-wife Mariah Carey, and sex with his ex-wife Mariah Carey. (He claims that he made her orgasm “every single time,” which … no comment.)

While he was there, Cannon also gave a little taste of what viewers can expect from his comedy special, in which he apparently addresses the sexual assault accusations plaguing disgraced sitcom star Bill Cosby. As we all know now, before the accusations became public knowledge, it was a fairly well known sordid Hollywood insider secret. But as Cannon says, there were warning signs that went all the way back to The Cosby Show.

“I was like, he was giving you those signs from day one, y’all was just hypnotized by those fucking sweaters,” Cannon explained to Howard. “Think about Dr. Huxtable. What kind of doctor was he? A gynecologist! Where was his office? In his fuckin’ basement! Don’t shit good go down in the basement! Bitches was coming in and out of the basement all episode, and nobody said shit.”

Okay, obviously he’s joking, and it was a fairly common sitcom practice in the ’80s to have the patriarchal figure work from a home office (think Dr. Jason Seaver with his psychiatry practice on Growing Pains), but… why did literally no one think that was weird at the time? He could have been any kind of doctor! According to Wikipedia, it was actually Camille Cosby who pushed for the concept of having the mother be a lawyer and the father a doctor, but it definitely raises eyebrows, looking back.

You can listen to the full interview segment below:

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