Nintendo Kickstarts Their Money Machine With An Updated ‘Wii Sports’

In terms of profitability, Wii Sports is probably the most successful thing Nintendo’s every done — it can’t have cost much to develop, and yet it single-handedly sold countless $250 Wiis. The fact that they’ve never made a true sequel has always baffled me — in fact, I recently suggested it was one of the main things Nintendo could do to pull the Wii U out of the doldrums.

Well, out of nowhere this morning Nintendo announced Wii Sports Club, which features the five original Wii Sports sports (tennis, golf, bowling, boxing and baseball) in HD and with new Wii MotionPlus controls. Ah, but here’s where it gets crazy — all the sports are now playable online and you can also join regional clubs and compete to become the best Wii Sports bowler in your town/retirement home or wherever. Who are you and what have you done with the real Nintendo?

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That’s right, you have the option to either rent the game for two dollars a day, or buy each minigame permanently for $10 a-piece. You also get to try out the full game for free for 24-hours when you first download it.

In other interesting news, you’ll also be able to download the sequel to Wii Fit and play it free for a month. I’ll say it again — what is this strange new company masquerading as Nintendo?

via GoNintendo