No One Had More Fun At The World Cup Final Than Rihanna

I’ve gotta give it to the Daily Mail — they really outdid themselves with the headline, “Well, she is in BRAzil! Rihanna parties with German team as they celebrate World Cup victory.” They don’t teach you that kind of wordsmanship in any fancy college. No, you gotta go to the school of hard knock-knock jokes to learn that pun. Anyway, Rihanna was in Brazil rooting for the home team to win the Cup, until they lost and then she pulled a Drake, and began cheering for Germany. (Germans, they’re so damn likable with their smiles made of sunshine.) Rihanna was at the Final yesterday, and I’m pretty sure no one had more fun than her. And that includes the German team, because they got to party with Rihanna.

She already can’t wait to cheer on the Cavs and Seahawks, too.

Looks legit.

Rihanna and her friend now have 47 deadly diseases (though 44 are from Chris Brown).

That’s either Pele, or Ariaga, or Ariaga II, or Bariaga, or Aruglia, or Pizzoza.

This is the exact moment that boy became a man.

Those voice boxes in the stop smoking commercials should by country-themed.

The fat kid in the bottom corner has the biggest boobs of ’em all.


Kissing Rihanna > winning the World Cup?

She really wants to bring back the bucket cap, doesn’t she?

Congrats on winning the Patrick Stewart, Rihanna.