Nobody Reviews Restaurants On Yelp Quite Like This Man

Meet Charley, a California man with a most interesting Yelp account. It all started in the summer of 2013 when Charley got the ‘killer garlic rolls’ at the C&O Cucina in Marina Del Rey. Charley didn’t leave a review, but rather this picture.

Hmmm, ok. That’s not really helpful Charley, but let’s continue. Two days later, Charley dined on egg custard tarts at Capital Seafood in Irvine.

I believe Charley has Yelp confused with Instagram or something—but I digress. Let’s jump ahead a few months, see if things have changed.

Was the catfish dry? Were the mash potatoes lumpy? Charley, you’re not really helping us here.

Dammit Charley, you’re out of control. I’m starting to think you don’t care about the restaurants.

I think I’m onto your ways Charley. You sly bastard. In all, Charley has reviewed four restaurants on Yelp, offered up 34 tips—and oh yeah, he has lots and lots of pics of what he describes as “Double Deeeelicious” food. Charley is a pun master, obviously.