Funny Or Die Updates North Carolina Tourism Ad Skewering Its Anti-LGBT Legislation

Homophobe on holiday? Funny or Die knows just the state for you and they’ve gone to the trouble of making a tourism ad to get you there.

In light of the recent legislation that passed in North Carolina restricting the rights of the LGBT community, the comedy outlet has crafted a parody video that portrays the Tar Heel State as a utopia for those terrified of trans people being treated with dignity and you can also go kayaking there too. (Mind you, the NBA All-Star Game might soon be out of the picture.) This biting spoof features a familiar mix of tourist-friendly imagery and a voiceover that reassures visitors that they don’t have to worry about something pesky like gay rights getting in the way of the local scenery. What’s waiting for you in North Carolina?

“Now you can experience the beautiful outdoors, cityscapes and incredible ignorance by hang-gliding backwards in time, racing to the wrong side of history in a kayak, teaching your children to judge others while frolicking in the waves and enjoying our waterfalls without fear of gay people falling on you.”

Funny or Die even provided the state with a catchy new slogan:

They may need to sort out an updated slogan for Georgia too.

(via Esquire)