Nothing To See Here, Just A Naked Man Pouring Milk On Himself At Walmart

Two men were arrested over the weekend in conjunction with a stunt that made its way to YouTube last week, in which a masked man ran through an eastern Kentucky Walmart, naked, dousing himself with milk (both regular and chocolate) and screaming, “I’m on fire!” while a second person filmed.

The original video was removed from YouTube due to the nudity, and Pike County law enforcement also thought the incident was no laughing matter. On Saturday, Timothy Smith, 24, and David Daniels, 19, were taken into custody and charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, although it’s unclear which man was naked and which one was filming. A third person is being sought as the “getaway” driver, as the video showed the naked man speeding off in a red getaway car waiting outside the store.

I guess that’s one way to entertain boredom, but let me ask this: Do they not have, like, Netflix in Kentucky? You know what’s less illegal than running through a Walmart naked and pouring milk all over yourself? A good binge-watch. Just throwing that out there.

(Via New York Daily News)