A Nursing Home Made A Calendar Of Residents Dressed Up As Famous Movie Characters

Normally, when you think of a nursing home, you imagine a depressing institution filled with old people and forgotten grandparents waiting out the last years of their lives, and possibly being crushed by window AC units that are on the fritz. But one unknown nursing home is apparently trying to change that silly, depressing stereotype with a custom calendar that features residents dressed up as their favorite movie characters from some of the silver screen’s most iconic movie moments, like Erna Rütt and Alfred Kelbch reenacting Titanic above.

Redditor “W1nd” made this incredible discovery and shared it with the r/MOVIES community earlier today, and if you’re not at least considering asking your own grandparents what characters they’d like to dress up as, you’re a liar. I want my grandparents to dress up as Godzilla and King Kong. Because it would at least be fun to think of cinema’s greatest monsters sending me sheets of pennies every year on my brother’s birthday.

(H/T to Imgur)