This Hero Got His Whole Class An ‘A’ On Their First Quiz With This Amazing Garbage Can Shot

September certainly means football is back every year, but it also means — unfortunately — that school is back as well for students around the country. That means early mornings, grumpy teachers, quizzes, and homework are all on the docket for a few months. But every once in a while, some miracle may swoop down from the heavens and alleviate some of that load. For students in an organic chemistry class at Ohio State, that hero is named Vinny.

You see, Vinnynot Benny, like in the Tweet above — was given the chance to do all of his classmates a favor and earn an A for everybody on their first quiz of the semester. It was the chance of a lifetime to be beloved by a room full of strangers, at least until the next quiz. All Vinny had to do was make a shot with a balled-up piece of paper into a garbage can. Simple enough, right?

Sounds easy, except the garbage can is at least 50 feet away, and Vinny was in the class’ second deck. Making this shot would be the stuff of legend, with a distance far enough to make Steph Curry sweat.

No worries, though, Vinny stepped up for the class and was Kyrie Irving in Game 7 clutch, knocking the shot down and causing the class to explode in celebration. Oh, and to make the shot even more legendary, Vinny banked it in, not only off the wall but off the fire extinguisher as well. That’s almost like Michael Jordan Vs. Larry Bird for the McDonalds fries.