This Oklahoma Deer’s Dramatic Mall Escape Should Give You Ideas For Black Friday

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We’re past the election, meaning that the true horror of 2016 is still to come. Yes, the holiday season is nearly upon us — or is upon us if you’ve visited the shopping mall lately. Thanksgiving is only weeks away, meaning a whole new dynamic with your family thanks to the election results, and Christmas will follow close behind. That means shopping, long days at the mall, and an envy for the dead, the kind Sam Kinison talked about.

That’s where this deer comes in. It’s a viral clip out of Stillwater, Oklahoma that shows a deer vaulting through the window of an American Eagle Outfitters and it really should stand as a guide for your spirit this holiday season. Not only is the store a prime choice for rapid escape or an untimely demise, but it really should be a warning for the entire shopping experience. Why fight the long lines and crazed shoppers this holiday? Be the deer.

KOCO spoke with some folks at the mall and found out that the deer crashed through another window to enter the store, but soon decided that it wanted to leave. They also reached out to the store for a comment, but they declined. I think the reason why is obvious and it has nothing to do with the high emotions of rutting season. Be careful out there this holiday season.

(Via KOCO)

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