Queen Oprah Was Definitely Not Amused At Being Mistaken For Whoopi Goldberg

As you may have heard by now, the Twitter account for the beauty tips website Total Beauty faced the immediate backlash and ridicule of the internet after posting a picture of Whoopi Goldberg on the Oscars red carpet that was incorrectly identified as Oprah. Whoops! And in case you were wondering, yes, Oprah was very much aware of the gaffe, as the great Oprah sees all and knows all.

The media queen was watching the broadcast with her enduring sidekick Gayle King, who posted the above photo to Instagram Sunday night, reminding the beauty insider that “we all don’t look alike.” That’s right Total Beauty, Oprah has got her eye on you.

But for what it’s worth, at least they’re trying to rectify the situation. After issuing an apology shortly after being caught on their mistake, Total Beauty later tweeted that they’ll be issuing a hefty donation to Oprah and Whoopi’s charity of choice.

Thankfully, the mix-up didn’t cast a complete rain cloud on the evening’s events, as Oprah was still able to celebrate the success of The Revenant and Leo’s first Oscar: