Paris Hilton Teaming With Twitter/X For Some Big Partnership Has Left People Wondering What Year It Is

This time last year Twitter was doing fine, sort of. The social media giant always had problems, but management had done an adequate job rooting out abusive accounts, including one belonging to a certain former president. But now it’s nearly a year into Elon Musk’s tenure, and everything is creatively broken, starting with its new, dumb name. To add another leftfield surprise to the pile, they’re teaming up with someone whose cultural impact peaked about, oh, nearly 20 years ago.

On Monday, Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of what was once called Twitter, had a thrilling announcement: They were teaming up with Paris Hilton — Paris Hilton — for an “official partnership” with her and her “next-gen media company 11:11.” For the service, Hilton will create what Yaccarino called “a launchpad for new initiatives in video and live video, live commerce, Spaces, and so much more.”

To rub salt on the wound, Yaccarino referred to Hilton as the “queen of pop culture, music, business, and TV.” Yaccarino also claimed Hilton was “sliving,” whatever that means. (More on what that means later.)

Variety went into a little more detail about what Hilton would be bringing to Twitter/X:

Under the deal between X and Hilton and her 11:11 Media company, she and X will work together to create four original video content programs per year that include live-shopping features. Hilton will also serve as a launch partner for new X consumer products, services and feature releases, according to the companies.

Alas, the news wasn’t all that well-received on Twitter/X. Many wondered what year it was if Paris Hilton was considered a big get.

Some took umbrage with the idea that Paris Hilton was “queen” of anything.

Others pointed out that Hilton doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to the next digital trend.

Others did not enjoy the new term “sliving,” which turns out to be a portmanteau of slaying plus living.

Still others wondered if a Paris Hilton partnership was or wasn’t the final nail in the coffin that was the social media service whose mascot used to be a bird.

(Via Variety)