Parks & Meth: ‘Breaking Bad’ Hilariously Meets ‘Parks & Rec’

Of all the people whose television opinions I care about I’m the only one who doesn’t watch Breaking Bad. And it’s not that I don’t want to or anything. I’m well aware of how good it is. I just didn’t realize I should be watching until about two seasons in and then a few obstacles kept me from completing a proper DVD binge prior to a new season. And I’m very particular about the timing of my DVD binges. So it hasn’t happened yet, and I constantly feel like a mouth-breathing Two & a Half Men fan when the show is brought up. Geez. I feel like I’m explaining away my freshman year GPA to my parents. It happened all right! I’ll fix it!

So, on to Parks & Meth, the two month old Tumblr dedicated to overlaying Breaking Bad screengrabs with Parks & Rec quotes, in the same mold as Arrested Westeros and Mad Development. Sure, I don’t know the scenes, but I know enough about Breaking Bad, and I know more than enough about Tumblrs, clever wordplay, and Parks & Rec quotes to get it. Here are several of my favorites.

Parks & Meth