Patton Oswalt Had The Perfect #YesAllWomen Tweet So Of Course Jackholes On Twitter Got All Worked Up

Patton Oswalt has once again pissed off a bunch of people on Twitter, and this time it’s just plain stupid. Well, every time it’s stupid, but at least when he does something like his deleted tweet experiment or two-part tweets, I get it. I mean, I still think the people who get upset are stupid, but at least I can understand why — and just want to pat them on the head or something.

This time, however, Patton Oswalt came out with the absolute perfect #YesAllWomen tweet — quite the feat coming from a member of the opposite sex.

But unfortunately, people who just like, don’t understand how jokes work, immediately accused Oswalt of trivializing rape. HE WAS MAKING FUN OF NERDS. AND HOW SERIOUSLY THEY TAKE THEIR COMICS. AS IF THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN RELATE TO THE PLIGHT OF WOMEN. Oh goddammit, if you have to explain it…

Anyway, Oswalt (in my opinion unnecessarily) responded to the frothing masses, meanwhile everyone over at Salon was participating in a group circle jerk over it.

OK. Since I’m both a woman and a very important blogger on the internet, I’m going to speak for all of womankind, here. The tweet was funny. Patton has our backs. Now everyone shut the f*ck up.