Nothing Douchey About These Paul Ryan Workout Pics. Nope, Nothing Douchey At All.

Things Paul Ryan has probably said in the last week, based solely on these photos of him working out from Time

“Yo, bro, can I get a spot?”

“I need more Avenged Sevenfold in my workout playlist.”

“Mind if I work in a set?”

“I need new lifting gloves.”

“Can I get an extra shot of creatine in that whey protein shake?”

Paul Ryan is “Gym Guy.” This is becoming increasingly obvious. In other words, “Gym Guy” might be a heartbeat away from the presidency in a few weeks. I guess if he finds himself getting beat by Joe Biden in tonight’s debate, maybe Paul Ryan can challenge him to a pushup contest?

(Pics via Time)

UPDATE: The Internet Reacts!