Pauly Shore Transforms Into Stephen Miller For Funny Or Die To Set The Record Straight On The Statue Of Liberty

If we’ve learned anything from Melissa McCarthy and Mario Cantone this summer, it’s that you never really know when your killer impression of a Trump mouthpiece might be put in storage. That said, now’s the time to appreciate Pauly Shore doing a virtuoso turn as White House adviser Stephen Miller for Funny or Die. Wheeze the juice of political satire, buddy.

Returning to the scene of Miller’s tense exchange this week with CNN’s Jim Acosta over immigration and the symbolism of the Statue of Liberty, Shore steps into the role of Miller and jabs at Acosta with “facts” about American icon. See, Acosta needed to be schooled because he doesn’t understand basic things about Lady Liberty. Namely that’s she a babe armed with an iPad, returned after David Copperfield made her disappear (ask your grandparents) and that the Ghostbusters brought her to life via the power of ectoplasm in the ’80s. Y’know, basic Statue of Liberty facts.

“What about when her head was bowled down Broadway by a gojirin in the incident codenamed Operation Cloverfield?” asks an increasingly agitated Miller/Shore. “What about that sh*t?”

Shore more than holds up his end of a bargain in channeling Miller’s demeanour with the press, complete with selling his own “cosmopolitan bias” line. It’s a gleefully crass slice of entertainment worthy of your attention and poses some hard-hitting questions about what a Wolverine vs. Sabretooth tilt truly meant to America.

(Via Funny or Die)