Mario Cantone’s Tenure As Anthony Scaramucci Ends With A Passionate Kiss On ‘The President Show’

Much like a scumbag Icarus, Anthony Scaramucci’s tenure at The White House came to an end after just 10 days and also sealed the fate of the man who satirized him on Comedy Central’s The President Show. After making impact one week ago on the show alongside Anthony Atamanuik’s Donald Trump and creating a bromance to end all bromances, Cantone was forced to depart from the show on Thursday’s episode and get dragged off by the gigantic hand of General John Kelly to meet with his wife and newborn child.

It’s actually a sad moment in a way. Not only is it a reminder that one of the more entertaining characters from the Trump White House has come and gone in the blink of an eye, but it cuts short what might’ve been the perfect actor to bring Scaramucci to life for comedy. To really knock home just how hard of a goodbye this was, Mooch and Trump turn their bromance into romance by sharing a passionate kiss before Kelly busts in to ruin everything. Mike Pence is disgusted, but clearly Steve Bannon enjoyed it and tried to do the impossible with his own little Bannon.

John Gemberling really gets the essence of Bannon down and Cantone gets one last triumphant Mooch moment before drifting away and becoming a distant memory as the Trump administration marches forward. As Trump says at the end of the clip, it’s back to complete chaos.

(Via Comedy Central)