These News Bloopers All Have One Big, Huge Thing In Common

Pretty much as long as meteorologists have had the ability to draw on weather maps, accidental dick and balls have been making their way onto live news programs — or the “crown jewels” of news bloopers, if you will. (Pun absolutely intended.) This is the subject of the latest blooper compilation from News Be Funny, which takes the best penis outtakes and condenses them into one ten minute long clip.

But weather maps are just cracking the surface when it comes to penis-shaped news bloopers. Here you’ll also find accidental foam penises, penises that demonstrate the dangers of playing with sand on live TV, sports commentary penises (which are not all that different from weather map penises), drawing game penises, and penis-shaped cloud formations. That’s a lot of dick!

Of course, I’d be remiss without bringing up one of my personal favorites that didn’t make the cut — a penis news blooper honorable mention — compliments of Take Five & Company, a live weekday morning lifestyle program on WZZM in Grand Rapids. When demonstrating an “As Seen On TV” product called Hot Buns, the women of Take Five & Company notice that Hot Buns, uh, looks like something else.

“Put it in the bowl and let’s keep moving” is the new “let’s cut to commercial.”