Pennsylvania’s Badass Lt. Governor Has Been Banned From Flying His Pride And Marijuana Legalization Flags From The Balcony Of His Office

While the rest of the nation is struggling to get rising COVID numbers under control and complete ballot recounts (so our commander-in-chief doesn’t destroy our fragile democracy), the Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania have more pressing problems to address: flags.

News broke Friday that the state’s GOP-run Senate had snuck in a provision while passing their annual fiscal bill that directly targeted outspoken Democratic Lt. Governor John Fetterman. Fetterman’s been enjoying the spotlight lately with his pretty savage takedowns of President Trump, who hoped to seed distrust in the state’s voting process in order to win the 2020 presidential election. Fetterman refused to go along with that narrative, blasting the president and his Republican colleagues on national news, but that public rebellion seems to be the last straw in an ongoing feud between Republican members in Harrisburg and the progressive Lt. Governor.

Fetterman, a celebrated advocate for equal rights and noted supporter of marijuana legalization, ticked plenty of right-wing politicians off when he started flying Pride and weed flags from his balcony, which overlooks the city and is quoted as being a “prime piece of real estate.” Apparently, Republicans complaind about Fetterman’s decor to the press before tucking a law into a key spending bill that prohibits any flags save the American flag, the state flag, and flags honoring missing soldiers, from flying on Capitol Hill.

Fetterman clapped back on social media, seemingly suggesting he wouldn’t be removing his homage to equal rights and legalized marijuana anytime soon.

This looks to be just another grab for power by Pennsylvania’s Republican legislature. After all, Fetterman got on the GOP’s bad side long before his Trump-dragging marathon. The Lt. Governor, who presides over state Senate meetings, was blasted by Republicans for not sanctioning a Democratic lawmaker who launched a protest against a vote to strip welfare assistance from families in need. (How awful of him, right?) Still, Twitter had some fun mocking the GOP’s commitment to holding ridiculous grudges.

Keep giving Fetterman airtime, you guys. It only helps the dream of an AOC/Fetterman 2024 presidential ticket seem more likely.