Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman: The Trump Campaign Is Acting Like A ‘Sad Carnival Barker’

John Fetterman was already a legend, and now, he’s telling it like it is with the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania tactics as the president continues to meltdown (and claim victory in states that he hasn’t won) while states flip blue. The tatted-up former small-town mayor may look like a DC villain (or as our own Brian Grubb put it, “Like The Undertaker had a poli sci degree,” and Fetterman has responded), but he’s a true man of the people. Much of his ink symbolizes his time as Braddock mayor, including the town’s zip code and (as he told the New York Times in 2011) “the dates of the five people we lost to senseless violence in Braddock since I took office.” Now, he’s Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, and the president’s knocking down his doorstep while claiming that the election is being “stolen” — simply because votes are being counted.

Earlier this week, Fetterman described Trump as a “sad internet troll” due to his eagerness to spread misinformation. On Thursday, he appeared on MSNBC for an update on Trump’s desperate manueverings while the reelection slips further from his angry-fisted grasp. While assuring Stephanie Ruhle that ballot counting is “drawing to a close” and proceeding “smoothly,” the Democrat answered the anchor’s question about any possible “irregularities” with a spot-on response.

“You have the Trump campaign showing up on our corner in Philadelphia like some sad carnival barker, making outlandish claims,” Fetterman stated. “That’s the only problem.”

As he further relayed, “math is math,” and poll workers will continue to hammer away at more than 700,000 ballots that remain uncounted. He also believes that the results will “probably deliver our Commonwealth to the [former] vice president at this point, based on previous modeling of how those ballots have been performing with respect to, whether it’s for the [former] vice president, or the president.”

Also this week, Fetterman chatted with Fox Business, where he hilariously declared of the Trump team, “For them to claim they won is like me saying I have a full head of hair.” He self-deprecatingly tweeted about this, too.

Aaaand we’ve got a Lloyd Dobler reference. Someone get a boombox.