People With Lana Del Rey Lips: 15 Celebrities Get Pouty Upgrades

That’s right. We’re officially all Lana Del Rey, all the time. She’s really into Archer. Deal with it.

Cajun Boy has handled pretty much all of our LDR coverage thus far, with me trying to be slightly nicer to her than the rest of the interet in the comments, but now that people are photoshopping her lips onto assorted celebrities we’re officially in my wheelhouse and I’m going to grab the reigns for a minute.

European LDR enthusiasts Nicolas Hicorne and Sven Grothe took to the web this week to share their photoshops via a one-off Check This page People With Lana Del Rey Lips, and while the concept is not quite Without Eyebrows creepy or Buscemi Eyes surreal, it is at the very least topical and weird enough to hold my attention. Celebrity heads on GIFs of Lana’s patented SNL wiggle and we’d really be talking. Someone get to work.

I’m still trying to decide — between the precision photoshopping and the girl-on-girl action (accurate!) — if I would have even noticed Lana’s lips on many of the female celebrities if someone had randomly sent me an FMK email. Doubt it. Probably wouldn’t have picked up on Bieber either. Just a little too seamless for comfort (*shivers*).

People with Lana Del Rey Lips via HuffPost Comedy

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