Pepper Spray Cop Returns In Time For Christmas

It’s been over two weeks since Lt. John Pike casually pepper sprayed a bunch of U.C. Davis students, ensuring his place in the internet meme pantheon. More great photoshops have been made since we posted this gallery, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to casually spray them in a docile internet’s face, whether they’re ready for it or not.
When I saw the Christmas sweater above, made by a Redditor’s friend Abbie, I knew that time had come. Yes, Lt. Pike is now immortalized in Christmas sweater form, pepper spraying the baby Jesus. (In fairness, Jesus did hang out with prostitutes, beat up moneychangers, and speak highly of the poor. Such a hippie.) We’ve also hidden 25 more pictures after the break. They’re super hard to find. You have to click the “Next” button and everything. We suggest just pepper spraying your screen if it doesn’t move.

“I think this is the last time the bar asks me to do the chalkboard…” — BolognaTrombone

Made by Vince.