Peter Dinklage And Pink Are Among The Celebrities Praising Bill de Blasio's Anti-Horse Carriage Stance

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04.02.14 19 Comments

PETA's horseys

If you’re planning a summer visit to New York City, and riding in a world-famous horse-drawn carriage is on your list of clichés to do, you’d better bump those travel plans up. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s declaration to put an end to the city’s horse-based transportation might be running behind schedule, but with Liam Neeson recently voicing his love for the romanticism of the carriages, the mayor really needed some star power of his own to get back on track toward accomplishing his goal. Enter: PETA and a gaggle of do-gooders, including Peter Dinklage, Pink, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, among others.

The A- and B-listers, as well as Wendy Williams, shared their strong distaste for the horse-drawn carriages, while voicing their support for de Blasio’s plan to put the glorious beasts into retirement. Of course, the plan isn’t as popular as these celebrities would like, because there’s still a matter of the 300 or so jobs that it would end if the mayor has his way. Additionally, as of two weeks ago, a poll revealed that 64% of voters actually opposed the mayor’s plan, while 8 city council members opposed it, 15 supported it, 19 were undecided, and the remaining 9 couldn’t be bothered to answer Newsday’s request. Maybe they’ll be a little more motivated now that Tyrion Lannister is involved.

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