This Photographer Hilariously Captures Dogs And Their Love Affair With Peanut Butter

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Greg Murray is a 34-year-old photographer from Cleveland, Ohio, who specializes in snapping pet portraits, and his latest project is capturing the attention of the internet. Murray is working on a series called “For The Love Of Peanut Butter,” which pits dogs against their favorite treat then captures the resulting delightful “peanut butter faces.”

Murray is hoping to photograph 80 dogs by the end of the series, which he plans to turn into a book. His Kickstarter has already exceeded its goal by nearly double, with 31 days left to go. Although he plans to feature approximately 20-25 specific breeds, his focus is primarily on mixed-breed rescue dogs — so it’s for a good cause, as well!

As for Murray’s inspiration, he cites his own rescue dog, a Mastiff named Bailey, who he describes as a “beautiful dog with a range of funny faces due to her large jowls, tongue and constant drooling.”

‘I was having difficulty getting a funny photo of her one day and gave her some peanut butter. The face I captured in the photo was hilarious and it will forever be one of my favorite photos.

‘A 2-foot by 2-foot canvas of this photo greets our guests when they walk through the front door of our home. Our goal is to make people laugh with it and it usually works. She passed before turning 3 and we’ll always be able to remember her by that photo.’

Bailey sounds like she was truly a majestic creature. Here are some shots from Murray’s series that he’s posted to Instagram, but feel free to check out more here or contribute to his Kickstarter.

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