A Photographer Recorded One Second From His Life Each Day In 2013. This Is The Result.

Kent Frost is a photographer based in Springfield, Mo. In 2013 he recorded one second of each day and used the footage to compile this lovely compilation video. He writes: “Last year I was asked to make a video that could make people cry. This was the result.” He elaborated further to Buzzfeed:

A LOT happened this year. We shot several weddings, baby portraits, and family video portraits. We had 60º weather in February, ice in May, and record flooding in August. We had two major comets. A massive meteor exploded over Russia. The Boston Marathon was bombed. The US Government shut down for 16 days. The pope resigned. China soft-landed the first spacecraft on the moon since 1976. And we lost great people like James Gandolfini, Lou Reed, and Nelson Mandela among many others.


(Via Buzzfeed)