Dill Pickle Pizza Is Now A Thing, And The Internet Is Collectively Heaving In Revulsion

This week, Food Insider put the spotlight on a place called Rhino’s Pizzeria and Deli located in Webster, upstate New York, which has gone viral for a very unique pizza that comes topped with pickles. The “Big Dill Pizza,” as they call it, starts with a garlic sauce base in lieu of classic marinara, then gets covered in mozzarella cheese and a generous topping of pickles, finished off the a sprinkling of dill. Also, some of the more adventurous eaters like to douse their slices with ranch dressing.

The Big Dill has apparently put Rhino’s on the map, as an employee tells Insider that people have been coming from Buffalo, Syracuse, and even Pennsylvania to try the creation — which was the brain child of an employee who got the inspiration while attending a pickle festival last year. The pizzeria puts out about 30 pickle pies daily, and goes through approximately 10 gallons of pickles per week.

Despite all this however, the Big Dill Pizza hasn’t exactly gone viral because of people wanting to try it, as the general reception on Twitter has ranged from “why??” to “oh dear god why???”

Not everyone is hating on the pizza though, as at least a handful of pickle fans (myself included, please pass the ranch dressing, while you’re at it), think the combination sounds delightful.

Pickle haters beware, between this and Sonic gifting the world with pickle-flavored slushies earlier this year, it doesn’t seem like the trend is going anywhere, anytime soon. I for one, welcome our briney new overlords.

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