If You Guessed Piers Morgan Gets Trolled More Than Any Other ‘Celebrity’ On Twitter, You Would Be Right

Piers Morgan is a boorish British broadcaster who stormed off the set of his TV show because someone dared to challenge him on his offensive remarks, but did you know he’s also a fashion expert? It’s true. Upon seeing Daniel Craig’s outfit at the No Time to Die premiere on Tuesday, Morgan tweeted, “O dear O (7) dear. James Bond would never wear a garish pink suede dinner jacket. You’re supposed to be a steely-eyed assassin with exemplary sartorial taste, Mr Craig… not an Austin Powers tribute act.”

This is the top reply to his tweet. Another popular response. And one more.

Piers should be used to this: he is the most trolled famous person on Twitter after all. According to TechShielder, of all the tweets sent to the former-Good Morning Britain host, 52 percent are negative, 33 percent are positive, and 15 percent are neutral. That means more than half of every tweet with @piersmorgan in it is dunking on him. Morgan finished ahead of Tim Cook (50 percent), Joe Biden (48 percent), and Kamala Harris (47 percent). The next highest non-politician is Jimmy Fallon with 45 percent.

Here’s how they did it:

TechShielder created a list of the 100 most popular celebrities on social media based metrics such as followers, YouGov popularity rating, and position on the Billboard top 100 or Reality TV rich list. 500 of the most recent tweets to these celebrities were then downloaded, removing duplicates, retweets, and any of their own tweets. These tweets were then analyzed via a sentiment analysis tool which determined them as positive, neutral, or negative.

It’s an imperfect science, but Morgan being number one feels right, y’know? As for the most-loved celebrities, the top 10 is: BTS (73 percent of tweets are positive), Nigella Lawson (73 percent), Paris Hilton (69 percent), Reese Witherspoon (69 percent), Satya Nadella (69 percent), Selena Gomez (64 percent), Chris Hemsworth (63 percent), Richard Branson (63 percent), Chris Evans (62 percent), and Karen Gillan (62 percent).

I, too, think of Chris Evans as the anti-Piers Morgan.

(Via TechShielder)