Piers Morgan Didn’t Even Try To Hide His Contempt For Sarah Palin’s ‘Totally Bonkers’ Insistence That ‘Dead People’ Voted

Piers Morgan has been known to say plenty of not-so-nice things, but when it comes to Piers talking U.S. politics with former VP candidate Sarah Palin, Piers definitely comes out looking like the more civilized of the two prolific ranters. Palin must have felt that her far-right thunder is currently being duplicated in the halls of Congress because she’s making the rounds, including as a guest on Good Morning Britain.

Palin was on hand to cheerlead for Trump (at the onset of his record-setting second impeachment trial) and defend him against what she (wrongly) believes are unfair accusations that he incited his MAGA followers to riot at the U.S. Capitol (which he did). Then, of course, the subject turned to Palin’s insistence that Joe Biden stole the election though rampant voter fraud (despite all U.S. courts who confronted the issue finding no evidence), and this got ugly with Palin insisting that “dead people” voted for Biden.

“No one will convince me, nor anyone else with common sense or a sense of justice,” Palin raved. “That there were not shenanigans going on… How many polling areas had to produce their voter rolls and they showed that there were more votes than there were voters in certain districts?”

“Those are not facts. There was no fraud. Where’s the fraud Sarah? Where has a single court in America upheld fraud?” Morgan shot back.

“What about all the dead people who voted?” asked in a dead-serious way.

“Sarah, we like having you on the program, we normally have a good, two-way, robust debate but today you’ve just come on and you’re just talking nonsense,” replied Morgan. “I say this with the utmost respect to you, you’re sounding totally bonkers.”

Watch the full video below.