Playboy Is Facing A Backlash In South America After Going Nudity-Free

News that the news that Playboy is ditching nudity in their magazines has sent a shock through the globe, forcing men with subscriptions to question their existence and young men to wonder what the big deal is. A lot of people are talking about it, and it would seem that not everyone is going along with the magazine’s decision.

Playboy Argentina has decided it will continue to showcase nudity in their magazine, gaining approval from the original Playboy while assuring their fans that nothing will change via this message on Twitter:

Hello everyone! At least for now, we will continue to publish nude Playboy Argentina and the rest of its usual contents.

Playboy HQ has apparently given the OK according to Metro and it would seem that Argentina isn’t as worried about the hard hitting interviews and articles that are behind the magazine changing its position on nudity.

But that isn’t the only group biting back at Playboy over their decision. The Miss Bumbum competition in Brazil is protesting the decision to remove nudity from the magazine in the best way they know how: showing their assets.

The Tweet reads that the contestants in this year’s contest formed a flash mob to protest Playboy and to show the magazine what they’ll be missing, as also reported over at TMZ. Who knows if this even matters, or if it is actually against Playboy’s new policies. That all said, you can’t deny that Playboy is likely making the right choice in the long run.

(Via Metro / TMZ)