The PlayStation 4 Has Some Exclusive Third-Party 'Content'

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08.30.13 14 Comments

Does anybody really buy a system based on whether or not it gets a map pack first? We all know that “exclusive” DLC for one console or another is really a timed exclusive, these days. But either way, Sony seems to think it’s a big deal, and they at least have a few exclusive games from third parties.

First up, Bluepoint Games, Sony’s go-to archivists, are working on “bringing a Sony classic to current generation systems.” Considering they’ve done collections for God of War, Metal Gear Solid, and Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, one has to ask what other Sony classics are left. Uh, Battle Arena Toshinden?

Capcom’s Deep Down will also be an exclusive, although I have to admit, I’m still disappointed it’s not a Dragon’s Dogma sequel. It’s supposed to be an “online fantasy” game, so one wonders how much play that will get now that you have to pay for multiplayer.

Beyond that, it’s mostly level packs and the like. Games like Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Destiny will have PS4-exclusive “content”, which I’m assuming are mission sets, level packs, outfits, and the like. They also have companies like Konami, Rockstar, and Take-Two working on exclusive content, although whether that’s a game or again just DLC is an open question. Maybe Rockstar will finally get around to putting out Agent?

The main problem is that Sony has a list of developers making “content”, but no titles or genres. One of the big problems of this generation is that most of the must-play games are not console exclusives; as long as you’ve got a current-gen console, you can play them. We’ll have to see just what the PS4 has that makes it different, but some of that will have to be actual games.

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