A Girl Got Poison Ivy In Her Eyes And Her Sister Delighted In Her Mutated New Look

What’s worse than getting an itchy poison ivy rash on your arm? Getting poison ivy in your eyes too. That’s exactly what happened to 21-year-old Emily Petrozza last weekend in Newington, Connecticut, and of course, the Twitterverse erupted with laughter, according to BuzzFeed News.

Emily says she first noticed a poison ivy rash on her arm a few days ago and didn’t quite know where it came from, mentioning she and a friend had gone fishing and had taken care of feral cats. It wasn’t until Sunday night when she began seeing “little red bumps” on her eyes. On Monday morning, Emily’s face was so swollen she couldn’t even open them.

“I didn’t recognize myself. I could see a little bit, but my eyes were so swollen that it hurt to keep them open,” Emily said. After her initial freak out she called her friend Allison Hoffman to see if she would take her to the clinic to seek medical attention. Hoffman then snapped a photo and shared it with Emily’s younger sister, Lauren Petrozza while they waited in the doctor’s office.

17-year-old Lauren told BuzzFeed she thought the photo was so hilarious that she just had to share it with her Twitter followers. “Every time I look at the picture I die laughing,” Lauren said. Now, the photo has over 30 thousand retweets and around 54 thousand likes. Of course, she couldn’t help but tag her older sister in the photo she shared, but Emily clearly wasn’t amused at the time.

Emily’s doing much better Tuesday. “It hurt a lot more yesterday because there was so much pressure on my face,” she told BuzzFeed. “It’s just uncomfortable when I’m sleeping.”

(Via Buzzfeed News)