‘Pokemon Go’ Trainers Are Accused Of Slashing Tires After A Fire Department Removed Its PokeStop


Augmented reality game fever has swept the nation thanks to Pokemon Go. It’s gotten people up and off of their couches and out into their community in hopes of catching ’em all and upset people who found their homes, businesses or workplaces overcome with aspiring Pokemon trainers. Not everyone appreciates it when a local PokeStop disappears, though, which was the case in Needville, Texas when a local fire department was forced to remove their status as a PokeStop for public safety concerns, says Chron.

Sadly, things got ugly for the Needville Fire Department after removing the PokeStop, the department believing that upset players decided to take their revenge out on the fire department without considering the potential consequences.

Apparently, the tires to one of their response units were slashed, leaving the fire department in a potentially dangerous situation if an emergency occurred and that unit was needed to save lives. Being upset over losing a PokeStop, especially in a small town like Needville, would be rough, but the possibilities of someone being hurt and not getting the attention that they need over the loss of said PokeStop seems like crossing a line.

Their assertion that it was “some immature child” hasn’t been proven or disproved just yet, though. Upset players have been responding to the Facebook post asking why Pokemon Go players were automatically blamed for the slashed tires and if there was any proof that the removal of the PokeStop was the cause of the slashed tires.

She’s kinda got a point there.

(Via Chron)