Finding A ‘Pokémon Go’ Gym At Your Dead Cousin’s Grave Isn’t As Creepy As It Sounds

My cousin died in 2012. He was a HUGE pokemon fan. I went to his grave to see if I could catch a pokemon around his grave and discovered one of 3 gyms in the huge cemetery is his grave! Discovering this has brought so much joy to an otherwise painful situation.

We all mourn and honor loved ones differently. Some of us may shed never-ending rivers of tears, some of us may go grab a drink. Then there are others who visit cemeteries in hopes of catching Pokémon.

One of the first things Jennifer McKinney thought of when she downloaded Pokémon Go was her cousin Zachary Henzerling who was killed in a gas explosion in 2012. Henzerling was a huge Pokémon fan and McKinney thought she would honor his memory by catching a few Pokémon at Arlington Memorial Gardens cemetery, where Henzerling is buried. While walking around and searching for Pokémon, McKinney got one hell of a surprise when she found out Henzerling’s gravesite was actually a Pokémon Go gym!

“I thought, ‘How cool would it be to catch a Pokémon on his grave,’” McKinney told WCPO Cincinnati. “When we went there, we were walking with a map and we kept getting closer and closer, and then we were like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a gym!’ “It was right on his grave. There’s only three gyms in the entire cemetery and this cemetery is huge. What are the odds?”

For anyone who didn’t quit their job to devote their entire to life to Pokémon Go, the gyms are where you go to train your captured Pokémon. After training and getting them in fighting form, you set up battles for your little pocket monster to fight other Pokémon and make you proud.

McKinney says her family are ecstatic to know Henzerling’s grave is the site of a Pokémon Go gym, also telling WCPO, “It made us feel good, because I never thought I’d ever be able to go to his grave and actually be happy.”

The family has added a little note to let people know how happy Henzerling would’ve been know to players were at his grave to “play a game that brought so much joy in life.”

Ugh, one ticket to Tearjerker City, USA, please!

(via Imgur, WCPO)