This Is How You Can Snag Pikachu As A Starter In ‘Pokémon Go’

The new mobile game from Nintendo, Pokémon Go, has barely been out for a week now and already it has taken the world by storm. There have been stories all over the web about Pokémon Go and its affinity for bringing people together, sometimes for good, other times for the bad. Police have already been warning about crooks using Pokémon Go locations to rob players, someone has apparently stumbled over a corpse while trying to catch ’em all and there have been people talking about car accidents involving the popular new app. Basically, Pokémon Go is a really big deal, but you probably know that already. Just like you know that starting off in the game can be a bit rough at times.

Life would be a whole lot easier if you could have a Pikachu to start out with, right? That is, if you don’t roll with Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur as your go-to Pokémon. The fine folks at Polygon have done the legwork (let’s be real here, you are gonna have to walk as well) and have figured out how you can find yourself a Pikachu early on in your travels. There’s even a video to walk you through the harrowing journey to acquire Pikachu.

Unlocking Pikachu is apparently a lot easier than you’d think. At the beginning of the game simply deny the three available Pokémon a total of four times and Pikachu should appear, then you can go about acquiring him just like you usually would with the other three. Easy enough, right? It’ll just take a little bit of walking around to get him, but it’s not like that’s a huge deal considering Pokémon Go is all about walking.

(Via Polygon/ComicBook)