San Francisco Brewery Combines Breakfast And Alcohol For A Pop Tart Beer

Beer before noon used to be the sign of a problem, but now, breakfast beers are all the rage with craft brewers. Earlier this month, a Wheaties inspired beer called “HefeWheaties” (solid pun) came out of Fulton, a Minneapolis brewery affiliated with General Mills, and Colorado brewers Black Bottle Brewery is all set to rerelease its popular Count Chocula inspired beer. The latest to hop on this trend is San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery, which has a new Indian Red Ale inspired by Pop Tarts called “Toaster Pastry”  on the way.

Set to release on August 29th, the new beer honors 21st Amendment’s history: their new San Leandro location used to be a Kellogg Co. factory many years ago and actually manufactured Pop Tarts on the premises. At 7.6% alcohol content in a 19.2 oz can, “Toaster Pastry” will be a seasonal offering at the brewery and is sure to draw in beer enthusiasts and fans of culinary curiosities alike. No word yet on what pastry flavor they’ve chosen. It will probably be a classic like strawberry or blueberry, but I’m holding out for a Wild Berry or Cinnamon Sugar curve ball. Whether or not the beer will capture the childhood nostalgia and chemically modified perfection of the classic Pop Tart remains to be seen.

(Via Fortune)