‘Potato Jesus’ Is Destined To Be This Year’s Hot Halloween Costume

The obvious next step for the deformed Jesus Fresco painting story — which has come to be known on the internet as the “Potato Jesus” saga — is for Potato Jesus to become the hot meme-y Halloween costume this season. (Side note: the fact that this has come to be known as “Potato Jesus” is endlessly funny to me. Like, I can’t stop randomly laughing at it.)

I’m seriously thinking about dressing up as Potato Jesus like the guy above, buying a bunch of Potato Jesus candles like the ones below, and just standing in my doorway, lit candles surrounding me at my feet, ready to greet trick-or-treaters.

The kids in the neighborhood will love it, right? Also, how the hell is it time for Halloween already?!

(Pics via Pleated Jeans and Daily What)