These Sisters Are Trying To Take A Selfie With Every Presidential Candidate

Selfies aren’t a new phenomenon, but they weren’t nearly as popular in 2012, the last year we elected a new president, as they are now. Every candidate who wants to become head of state in 2016 will have to deal with 100 times as many selfie requests as they will questions about the economy, which, hey, that’s better than kissing (or sacrificing) babies (to the gods above).

Two young women, sisters Addy and Emma Nozell from Merrimack, N.H., have made it their mission to take a selfie with every presidential candidate. They plan to accomplish this by “[finding] a hole in the crowd, we make eye contact with them if we can, and we smile.”

Here are some of their conquests, which they’re tracking on Twitter, so far.

The only thing more perfect than Rick Perry not looking at the camera is Donald Trump’s smiling dog face. For what it’s worth, Mashable says Addy, who will be 18 years old by next November, “leans toward Democrats, but is open to Republicans.” Wait until she hears Waka Flocka Flame’s ideas.

(Via Mashable)