This Couple Snags The Scariest Prom Photos Ever In Front Of A Tornado

Prom photos are generally about as exciting as the party itself. That is to say, the images are usually underwhelming and serve as future memories of bad fashion. This rite of passage received a huge jolt of Mother Nature for one couple near Wray, Colorado. A tornado ripped through the countryside with incredible video footage recorded by stormchasers. Meanwhile, Ali Jolie Marintzer and her prom date were readying for the party of the school year. And they decided to get in on the tornado action from a (relatively) safe distance with some epic photos. The above picture was taken as the storm was weakening, and they took an even wilder photo, but first, here’s a quick video reminder of the truly horrific storm not too far away.

Nope. Trying this at home is a very bad idea, but in this case, the tornado was more than 2 miles away and not heading in Marintzer’s direction. So, she took advantage of a moment that could never be duplicated, which worked out well because prom got postponed for about an hour. Marintzer then seized that day and took what is perhaps the most badass prom selfie of all time.

(Via The Denver Channel and Ali Jolie Marintzer on Facebook)

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