The PS4’s Most Promising Upcoming Game, ‘InFamous: Second Son’ Gets A Grungy New Trailer

So, the Playstation 4 is out and selling pretty damn well, even though there’s not much to actually play on it yet. Thankfully the upcoming PS4 exclusive InFamous: Second Son is looking pretty darn solid in its latest trailer featuring new protagonist Delsin showing off his fancy “Neon” powers (which look a lot like the electric powers from past InFamous games except pink).

Check out the trailer below…

Welp, they played Heart-Shaped Box on the trailer, so I pretty much have to buy this game now. I was a teenager during the 90s, it can’t be helped.

Want to see a little more Second Son action? Here’s five minutes of gameplay footage we haven’t posted yet…

InFamous: Second Son comes out March 21, 2014.

via VG24/7 here & here