Putin’s Largely Untrained Army Is Forcing Ukrainians To Repair Their Broken-Down Equipment Because They’re Clueless

Vladimir Putin might be starting to see the writing on the wall. He recently admitted that Russia is performing terribly in his abysmal war on Ukraine. Then again, he’s still referring to his invasion as a “special operation,” and I’m starting to wonder if that “lesser” term is a strategy to paint an inevitable loss in a less severe light. Whatever the case, we’ve heard that Putin’s army has been failing to provide ammo to the Wagner Group, and Russian soldiers are already using ammo that’s so degraded that it could blow up in soldiers’ faces when a weapon is fired. Not ideal!

Now, Business Insider is reporting that Putin’s current army (because he’s had to rush to replace so many dead or injured troops) is so untrained that they don’t know how to repair their own broken-down stuff. As a result, Ukraine reveals that Russian soldiers are forcing Ukrainian techs to do their dirty work:

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s National Resistance Center said in a statement that Russian forces are bringing aged military equipment back into service, but “lack mechanics who can repair damaged or outdated vehicles.”

“Therefore, the enemy is forcibly engaging specialists,” it said. The allegation, which Insider was unable to independently corroborate, comes as both militaries in the conflict face a squeeze on equipment and ammunition.

As well, CNN recently compiled a gathering of Russian accounts that describe advances by Ukraine’s counter-offensive amid heavy fighting. Ukraine has also vowed to whoop ass and “fight Putin’s forces bare-handed” if it comes down to it, so Putin had better get his ultimate bunker ready.

(Via Business Insider, CNN & The Independent)