Vladimir Putin’s Regime Criminally Charged An Elderly Woman Who Called The Ukrainian President ‘Handsome’

If recent reports that have rolled out on Vladimir Putin are any indication, he’s really on a roll. He apparently sent Saint Putin-style gifts to Russian troops in Ukraine for Easter. He’s likely been mourning the loss of his “Superman” image, and reports are that he avoids cell phones and the Internet because he’s “pathologically afraid for his life,” but I’m starting to wonder whether he’s actually pathologically afraid of not being declared the fairest of all.

The Daily Beast has relayed word that Putin’s regime decided to punish an elderly woman who countered another woman’s claim that Ukrainian President Volodymyr is “ugly.” The former woman, Olga Slegina, then called Zelensky “handsome,” and months later, she has been fined the U.S. equivalent of just under $500 because she apparently was guilty of “discrediting” Russian troops with her remarks. Say what?

“Zelensky is a handsome young man with a good sense of humor, everyone laughed at his jokes earlier,” Slegina reportedly said. She went on to ask a local resident if Ukrainians in the area were known to shout “Glory to Ukraine.”

Police showed up at Slegina’s door just a few days later and accused her of expressing support for Ukraine. After being interrogated, she signed a document police presented to her that she couldn’t even read due to cataracts, saying she didn’t understand at the time what was happening but wanted “it all to be over as soon as possible.”

As far as the “cataracts” detail is concerned, I cannot ascertain whether the woman actually had cataracts. It also seems possible that the police wanted to make it seem like she did, so that no one would believe that someone would seriously call Zelensky a good-looking dude. Maybe? None of this makes sense, and yet when it comes to Putin, it makes total sense.

(Via The Daily Beast)