One Of Putin’s Billionaire Oligarch Cronies Had His $600 Million (!!!) Superyacht Seized By German Authorities

Right now, life isn’t so hot for you if you’re a Russian billionaire. Since Vladimir Putin ordered forces to invade Ukraine, the pushback has been severe. Ukrainians, including their former comic president, have refused to stand down. The sanctions have been mighty, and the ruble is now essentially worthless. They’re even losing movies and concerts. Now Western governments are turning their attention to another group: Russian billionaires.

Forbes reports that Alisher Usmanov — one of a number of oligarchs who amassed unimaginable wealth in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet Union’s dissolution in the early ‘90s, as well as an early investor in Facebook — has seen one of his most prized possessions seized by the European Union. That would be Dilbar, a 512-foot yacht estimated to have cost him around $600 million.

The firm that built it for him called it “one of the most complex and challenging yachts ever built, in terms of both dimensions and technology.” As per Forbes, it contains “two helicopter pads, a sauna, a beauty salon, and a gym. Its plush interiors have more than 1,000 sofa cushions and it can host up to 24 people in 12 suites.”

Since late October of last year, the superyacht has been sitting in a Hamburg shipyard, where it’s been undergoing refitting job. Now it’s in the possession of German authorities.

The move comes the day after U.S. President Joe Biden delivered his maiden State of the Union, in which he addressed Russian oligarchs directly, warning them America and its allies will “seize your yachts, your luxury apartments, your private jets.”

When news broke of the yacht seizure, many on social media were not sympathetic to Usamov’s plight.

There were also jokes.

Usmanov is far from the only oligarch who’s no doubt shaking in his boots right now. CNN reports that Roman Abramovich, whose estimated worth is $13.5 billion, is suddenly selling the Chelsea Football Club, which he bought in 2003. Abramovich has not yet been sanctioned but he’s reportedly “terrified” he will be and is off-loading certain assets in panic.

Meanwhile, at least four Russian-owned superyachts have been spotted moving toward Montenegro and the Maldives, the latter of which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

In other words, right now it doesn’t pay to be Russian-rich.

(Via Forbes and CNN)