Rand Paul Was Told To ‘Get F*cked’ During A Virtual Town Hall

It was a good weekend for regular folks saying mean things to conservative figures. On Saturday, the internet blew up upon seeing video of a Montana man calling Tucker Carlson, to his face, “the worst human being known to mankind.” The gentleman in question went pretty light on him. He could have done what a Kentucky citizen did to Senator Rand Paul, and told him where to go, albeit not in those words.

As per HuffPost, the Republican lawmaker — and frequent Dr. Fauci punching bag, forever setting himself up to be schooled by someone who knows more about immunology than he does — held a virtual town meeting. But most people only saw one part: The part where he get cussed out.

The person doing the cussing was one Alexis Toon, who told HuffPost that “for some unknown reason” the people putting on the event called her to ask if she would participate. Despite being evidently not a fan of the son of libertarian superstar Ron Paul, who named him for Objectivist author Ayn Rand, she agreed. But she had more of a comment than a question, and her contribution to the event was a mere one sentence long.

“Hi, senator, I am a proud Kentucky citizen, and I just wanted to tell you to get f**ked,” Toon told the senator, who sat there awkwardly after hearing from one of his constituents.

The video was initially uploaded to TikTok, but it spread like wildfire when it migrated over to Twitter. It’s 25 seconds long, meaning you can play it ad infinitum. Maybe it will make you feel temporarily better that Paul is one of the leading Republicans when it comes to spreading misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, which could save the lives of the many Trump supporters dominating new cases and related deaths these days.

(Via HuffPost)