Rashida Jones Breaks Down Her Awkward Yearbook Photos On Twitter, Is The Coolest

Editorial Director
08.01.12 2 Comments

Reasons to love Rashida Jones: 1) She’s as cute as a (insert folksy comparison that I can never come up with). 2) She’s Ann Perkins. 3) Her Twitter bio is simply, “I’m terrified of Twitter. Please be gentle.” And 4) She’s currently sharing and analyzing her awkward yearbook photos that the internet has recently shown quite some interest in.

Rashida’s new movie, Celeste and Jesse Forever, comes out Friday, and whether this is simply a brilliant marketing idea or not (probably is), I really can’t think of anything more endearing than captioning one of the roughest yearbook photos of all time with, “Deal with your collar, Jones.” That is beyond charming.

We’re only two photos in thus far and I’m unclear whether there will be more, but I for one am hoping we make it to the ’90s…

Rashida Jones, you beautiful tropical fish.

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