Really Awful Girls Sip Starbucks Frappuchinos While Explaining Why They Stole Girl Scout Cookie Money

When I initially watched the video below, I was absolutely convinced it was fake — maybe some sort of misguided attempt at viral marketing by Starbucks, or, conversely, a genius bit of viral marketing by a Starbucks competitor. I thought this because I didn’t think there was anyway possible the two girls in the video could be so moronic as to nonchalantly explain in great length to a reporter how and why they stole cookie money from a Girl Scout — which is basically so they could, you know, drive around sipping frappuchinos from Starbucks.

But, as it turns out, this is oh so very real — the interview was apparently filmed back in 2008 but is just now going viral. For being so revolting, the two girls became known in their native Florida (of course they’re from Florida) as the “Cookie Monsters.” At least one of them has continued to pursue a life of crime — pleading guilty in 2010 to armed robbery and kidnapping charges and then being arrested again recently for parole violations.

Anyway, enjoy their astoundingly candid awfulness. Maybe one day these two will clean up their acts and go legit with jobs on Wall Street or something?

(HT: Justin Halpern)