This Woman Became A Registered Sex Offender By Exposing Her Cheating Boyfriend


Getting cheated on is bad enough as it is, but finding out you’ve been cheated on after just having given birth to a newborn baby is something most people wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. However that’s just what happened to one 32-year-old Scottish woman, Lorraine Donoghue, and unfortunately, that was only the beginning of her saga. When her daughter was just six weeks old, Donoghue discovered a pair of women’s panties that were definitely not hers under the bed she shared with her boyfriend Willie Crawford. When she confronted Crawford about it, he allegedly kicked her out of the house over the cheating accusations.

It was then that Donoghue decided to do a bit of snooping, and discovered that her 37-year-old boyfriend had been carrying on an affair with an 18-year-old woman for at least a year — before, during, and after her pregnancy — and had been sharing some extremely incriminating evidence in private messages on Facebook. As in, the “naked pictures” kind of messages. So Donoghue took it upon herself to do what many scorned women would do in this situation: She shared those images far and wide — with the girl’s mother and boyfriend, specifically.

Regrettably for Donoghue, she only made things worse for herself, because Great Britain has very strict laws when it comes to sharing pornographic materials, and she was charged with contravention of the ­Telecommunications Act, which she eventually plead guilty to.

Her pleas of not guilty to two further charges, of causing the other girl’s mum and boyfriend to look at a sexual image by sending them unsolicited messages by social networking – both contrary to the Sexual Offence (Scotland) Act – were accepted by the Crown.

In October, Lorraine had been placed on the sex offenders’ register – usually used for rapists and paedophiles – but last week she was shown mercy by a Sheriff, who has since ordered her name to be taken off the register.

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to shame your cheating ex and his side piece. She probably would have gotten off easier if she had just mowed the two down with her car — not that we’d ever suggest anything like that.

(Via UK Mirror)