Niecy Nash From ‘Reno 911’ On Marriage: ‘A BJ A Day Keeps The Divorce Attorney Away’

Niecy Nash, who can most recently be seen in The Mindy Project, released a sex and relationship advice book not long ago called It’s Hard to Fight Naked. Eh, when you’ve been married long enough I feel like it’s easy enough to fight in any state of dress, but that’s besides the point. At any rate, Nash’s book stresses the role of intimacy in a relationship or a marriage, or as she so succinctly puts it, keeping your man “fed and drained.”

In an interview out with Playboy this week, Nash says:

What I say in the book is, “A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away” and I say that because I feel like men are profoundly simplistic, which is the reason I wanted to call my book what I used as the title of chapter three, which is, “Stomach Full, Penis Empty: A Woman’s Guide to a Happy Marriage.” Keeping him fed and drained, you have no problem.

We are really more complicated than they are and I think that women are more generous with oral sex because we nurture by nature. We want to be pleasing by nature, that’s in our DNA, so I think that a lot of the behavior we’re looking for sexually, you might have to educate your partner. Sometimes, men just assume they’re going to get it and you need to be like, “Give me mine. Ladies first.”

In theory that’s great advice, but counterpoint: Even when he comes bicycling home after playing ultimate frisbee five miles away smelling like a farm animal and goes to bed without showering? Because in those cases I can argue that a blowjob might actually be detrimental to a marriage. I’m all for cute marriage-saving rhymes, but I’m more partial to something along the lines of “putting your sh*t away keeps the divorce attorney at bay.”

(Playboy via EOnline)