Finally, Some Good News: Make-A-Wish Kid Captures Supervillain Rex Velvet

With all the horrible tragedy earlier today, wouldn’t it be nice to have some good superhero-related news? Enter Seattle’s real-life supervillain Rex Velvet, who has done something awesome for the Make-A-Wish Foundation months after calling out real-life superheroes in a series of funny YouTube videos that Shop 101 over at Film Drunk aptly summed up as, “Theater majors gonna theater.”

Velvet worked with Seattle’s chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant the crime-fighting wish of Colby, AKA Special Agent C. Colby was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy as a baby. He’s lost the ability to walk and use his hands, and he has difficulty eating. He’s beaten the odds by celebrating his 12th birthday this week. As a birthday gift, the Make-A-Wish Foundation spent months planning a two day superhero mission for Special Agent C. It was the local chapter’s 5000th wish granted, and it sounds awesome.

It appeared that Rex Velvet has kidnapped Seahawks mascot Blitz and Robin Hall, a former Make-A-Wish kid. Now, Special agent C was going to have to take to the sky to catch the crook. The team headed to Boeing Field, where they hop into a helicopter to aid in their search for Rex. Once they found him, a Silly String fight ensued to determine the outcome. From the air, Special Agent C spotted Rex Velvet on Lake Washington and went in for the rescue. Finally, a Silly String fight felled Rex and the mission was complete. [KCPQ via Topless Robot]

After the mission, Colby said, “It’s probably the best birthday anybody is going to get.” I defy you not to shed a tear at how adorable this is: